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New Facebook Search option, Troubling to Google?

Facebook...The new google?

Facebook...The new google?











In an article I read by Danny Sulivan, he reported that google may finally see some competition. Google has been the dominate search engine for over a decade now, but these days may one day be unimaginably numbered. Microsoft has launched its own search engine called bing, which is slowly creeping into the vocabulary of the public. I can’t imagine seeing someone say that they “binged” something to search for it (it sounds so dirty) however this is a possibility. On top of that, facebook is 300 million strong and is gaining new members by the thousands. Their search application in the social networking phenomenon may compete directly with google one day. In fact, it may even replace it with more accurate searching. Only time will tell but regardless, its really odd to imagine people saying they binged, tweeted, or facebooked their questions instead of googles. Hey I guess everything is constantly changing today, and even empires like google, may one day be threatened

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