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U2 The Biggest single Stream on Youtube


Bono, the lead singer of U2

According to the LA times U2 has recently succeeded in having the single largest live stream in the history of the internet. While that isn’t really a huge accomplishment for one of the biggest bands since the beatles, I still think that it’s pretty cool.


U2’s live broadcast took place last Sunday at their Pasadena stop on its 360 tour with one of my favorite bands Muse. Okay I know I’ve been creating a little suspense with what the number is. Is is 500,000 for the single largest live stream ever? Try 10,000,000 streams from 7 continents. That information came from a youtube spokesman. I don’t know how those from Antarctica use the internet to watch one of their favorite Irish bands but hell… what do I know.  Even though youtube’s channel only has 8.4 million subscribers, its pretty cool that they reached 10 million on a single concert.

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