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The Muppets Go Viral On Youtube

The Muppets Channel

As many people know, Sesame Street is the longest running program in the history of television. It broadcasts in dozens of languages and has been doing so for decades. Well, their success continues thanks to youtube. The muppets have their own channel on youtube called muppet studios. It only makes sense that its success would continue to the internet and become viral. I don’t think anything on the internet could be more successful than muppet studios latest video… Bohemian Rhapsody.

As if this needs a caption...Its the muppets

Yes the muppets have been singing classics since its inception, but I feel that this video just demonstrates the power of a viral youtube video. According to google news, their Bohemian Rhapsody video has received over 7,000,000 views since 11/23/09. I’m no mathematician however, I can assure you that means more than 1 million views per day. Break that down by hour? By Minute? It doesn’t matter, what it proves is how successful the internet can be in spreading a video, an idea, or a random song by one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Yet again, the power of youtube and social media is beyond epic, it is omnipresent.

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