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Anne Frank Museum to Open via Youtube

October 2, 2009 1 comment
Anne Frank

Anne Frank

According to the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands, a new online version of the Museum will soon be available via a youtube channel. This new youtube channel will show rarely seen video of Anne Frank before and after the war. Although alot of this media is available in the Netherlands, over here in America it may be difficult to get across the pond.  The technology being implimented in this youtube channel may surpass the physicial museum’s capabilities. For example, this will include a 3-D video version of the house  where Frank and her family hid.

Hans Westra The director of the Anne Frank House Museum

I think this concept is somewhat of a double edged sword. I think it is a great idea beacuse it brings a ton of new information concerning the Holocaust and Frank’s story, to a group of people who may not be able to get to he museum. One the other hand, I feel like everyone knows just how anti-semetic people can really be, especially anonymously over the itnernet. I think if the comments can be monitored however, this will be a highlighy informative and postive idea.