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Facebook 350 million strong and growing

December 6, 2009 1 comment

So just in case you haven’t been on facebook in the past week or so, facebook has announced that it has reached over 350 million users. In an open letter written to all of Facebook’s users, Mark Zuckerberg said that with the  increasing number of users, facebook has decided to update its privacy settings. These privacy settings have been changed because as the website has continued to grow and evolve, so must the safety of all its patrons.

Questions with Facebook?

When facebook was first created, people were able to join regional networks to meet people. The only problem with these regional networks is that they are not so regional anymore. According to the letter, approximately 50% of all users are in one region or another. The problem with this stems from the fact that some of these regions have over one million people in them . Facebook has decided to get rid of these settings entirely and create a much simpler method to safety. Over the next few weeks people will be asked to review their settings and make sure that they coincide with the user’s desire.

I know these numbers are severely outdated, but I think it demonstrates my point

I think that this is a good idea on facebook’s part for several reasons. One of the most obvious is safety. 350 million people are using this social media platform… roughly around the same amount of people who live in the United States. The privacy system which was based on regions can leave users sharing information with strangers that they did not wish to be public. Another reason that I think that this is a good idea is that it is a lot easier for people to understand. I can recall several conversations that I have had with friends about how to make sure strangers cannot see your pictures, and I have heard a lot of different answers, I’m not even sure if any of theirs was correct.  The new facebook settings will only have 3 possible choices. You can: share your information with strictly your friends, friends of their friends, or everyone. This is a great idea for facebook because this is as clear-cut as it can possibly get. Social media is continuing to evolve, while keeping safety in mind, what could be better?


Facebook, the new mp3 site

October 23, 2009 1 comment
Music on Facebook

Music on Facebook

According to an article I read, facebook is now going to give its users the opportunity to download and enjoy music.  They have partnered with LaLa, an online mp3 website for this new venture. The reason that they are doing this…competition from other web sites. Google has recently announced that they too will allow users to download music, and myspace has done this for years already. The competition between these goliath web sites is forcing them to be more creative and give users more options.

I may be a bit over the top with my music consumption but I think this is an absolutely great idea for facebook. Not only can you download the music you want to listen to for a reasonable price, you can send the music to your friends as a gift. I am actually very excited for this to come out and I can’t wait to use their music service.


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A fugitive, A social media website, A conviction

October 16, 2009 1 comment
Maxi Sopo

Maxi Sopo

According to police, A Camaroon man is now in police custody after stealing approximately $200,000 from American banks. He was living a life of luxury when he was finally picked up by authorities. How was he caught you ask? Was his cell phone triangulated and a swat team stormed his hotel room? No… He was updating his facebook about how fantastic his new life has been since fleeing to Mexico. Law enforcement are now using facebook to identify suspects and attempt to track them down.

police cartoon


Some of his facebook updates talked about how great of a life he was living in Mexico, and through these updates, the police were able to figure out where he was. He is now in a Mexican prison waiting to be extradited to America. If convicted he could face up to 30 years. jail

From the time we are very young we learn that anything and everything on the internet is public. There is a possibility that the police may find out what you are doing, and what you are saying. Keep this in mind the next time you show some incriminating photo’s and updating your facebook.

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Facebook Beta to meet with Xbox 360

October 9, 2009 1 comment
Xbox 360 to merge with Facebook

Xbox 360 to merge with Facebook

According to Matt Peckham another facebok blogger, a new version of facebook will begin to emerge starting towards the end of October. This new beta version of facebook will merge video games with social media. The new facebook will be available on X box 360 to further its reach of users.

The new facebook beta for xbox

The new facebook beta for xbox

This new version of XBox facebook will not have the full capabilities that the regular computer version does have but it still may prove to be successful. I can’t think of any way that this new facebook will be an improvement on the old; however, with new technology this is usually how people feel before it becomes mainstream. Perhaps this new facebook will be able to connect video game users? It seems like it may just be used to view status updates because of its limited capability. At the end of the day this is just a way that facebook is attempting to further its dominate reach over todays internet culture. I think in theory this is a good idea but it sounds like for the most part this new facebook via 360 will not be too successful.

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Saving the gorillas via facebook

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment
Muhozi wants to be your friend

Muhozi wants to be your friend

According to the associated press the Ugandan wildlife Authority has created a facebook for an endangered gorilla. The gorilla’s name is Muhozi and he wants to be your friend. According to the AP it will cost facebook users one dollar to be friends with this silverback. They are hoping that this will raise funds for this endangered species. Along with being friends with the gorilla you will be able to learn more about its character, friends, family, and relationships.

In theory, I think that this is a good idea for the Wildlife Authority to raise funds for their struggling animals. I’m not too sure though, how many people will spend the one dollar to befried the critter. Although facebook has expanded to become a global phenomenon, I’m unsure as to how successful this will be. If little Jimmy doesn’t want to pay a dollar to give his friend a cake on his birthday via facebook, chances are he isn’t going to want to donate money for the Ugandan Gorillas. I’m hoping I’m wrong and there are people out there who genuinely care about endangered species, but somehow I feel that Muhozi and his facebook pals facebook funds will be a flop.

Interesting things I found out about youtube, while watching a youtube video

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment
The Tangled Web of social media

The Tangled Web of social media

So I know when people think about social media websites, they usually think of: facebook, myspace, twitter etc. There’s one website though that I feel is more popular and even more important in terms of social media… Youtube. I had this realization, while on youtube, watching a youtube video, ironically about youtube. Here are some facts that I found really interesting: Obviously millions of videos are watched daily. These videos cover every imaginable topic. Although youtube doesn’t have status updates about Kanye West’s antics at the VMA’s, it is the first place people turned to when they wanted to see it. It is the most powerful social media site because it gives life to the status updates of twitter.

Every minute, ten hours of content is uploaded to facebook. That is absolutely astounding! It’s a never ending supply of video and information. Whether you want to see a newscast, or you want to watch Old Greg, Youtube is connecting the world as never before.