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Interesting things I found out about youtube, while watching a youtube video

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment
The Tangled Web of social media

The Tangled Web of social media

So I know when people think about social media websites, they usually think of: facebook, myspace, twitter etc. There’s one website though that I feel is more popular and even more important in terms of social media… Youtube. I had this realization, while on youtube, watching a youtube video, ironically about youtube. Here are some facts that I found really interesting: Obviously millions of videos are watched daily. These videos cover every imaginable topic. Although youtube doesn’t have status updates about Kanye West’s antics at the VMA’s, it is the first place people turned to when they wanted to see it. It is the most powerful social media site because it gives life to the status updates of twitter.

Every minute, ten hours of content is uploaded to facebook. That is absolutely astounding! It’s a never ending supply of video and information. Whether you want to see a newscast, or you want to watch Old Greg, Youtube is connecting the world as never before.