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Facebook, the new mp3 site

October 23, 2009 1 comment
Music on Facebook

Music on Facebook

According to an article I read, facebook is now going to give its users the opportunity to download and enjoy music.  They have partnered with LaLa, an online mp3 website for this new venture. The reason that they are doing this…competition from other web sites. Google has recently announced that they too will allow users to download music, and myspace has done this for years already. The competition between these goliath web sites is forcing them to be more creative and give users more options.

I may be a bit over the top with my music consumption but I think this is an absolutely great idea for facebook. Not only can you download the music you want to listen to for a reasonable price, you can send the music to your friends as a gift. I am actually very excited for this to come out and I can’t wait to use their music service.


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