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Youtube and crime, this time the other perspective

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Using Youtube to rap and get messages out

So I know that I’ve written a few posts about people bragging on the internet about crimes they committed. I’ve often said how stupid it is because they always seem to get caught. I have now found something from the other side… how to avoid a crime by using youtube. According to an article I just read on, a man in London avoided a murder charge by creating a rap video on youtube. Although it is unclear if the man actually did commit the murder, it is clear that his rap song definitely helped.

His song allegedly had lyrics which intimidated the potential witnesses. It talked of snitching and how those who mentioned his name would end up dead. The song worked…the witnesses were too scared to come forward and the man was convicted of acting to pervert the course of justice. This basically means he did something to prevent his conviction but hey… he only got four years of it. So I guess if I’ve learned one thing is that youtube and the internet can be used in one of two ways. It can either get a conviction by misuse, or help a man to stay out of prison.


Man… If only people read my blog

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Yet another idiot, caught via the internet

Yet another idiot, caught via the internet

Literally last week I had a post on this blog about how the police are using social media to catch suspects. Last week the arrested suspect was aprehended in Mexico after bragging via facebook status updates. He was just asking to get caught… and well, he did.

According to an article I just read from the Star Ledger, a man from Middletown N.J was arrested after posting a youtube video. The content of this video? A 21-year-old man bragging about his sexual encounters with underage teenagers. Gary Wolchesky has since been charged with fourth degree child endangerment and authorities have said they found pictures of children under the age of 16. He is now being held on $100,000 bond and faces 18 months in jail.

I can’t reiterate this enough people. Do not post self incrimitating pictures and videos on the  internet. You will be caught, and bragging about touching kids is really messed up. I hope he rots in jail for a while.

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Police…Youtube…And Numchuks?

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment
Scruff Mcgruff says... Remember kids Nunchucks and youtube don't mix

Scruff Mcgruff says... Remember kids Nunchucks and youtube don't mix

Okay so this is kinda a strange story but i found it relavant because I am talking about youtube somewhat. So according to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Mayor of Logan has postponed the sewaring in of their new cheif of police because of a video that has surfaced on youtube. The video shows Gary Jensen giving his police Numchucks to a citizen, then letting the citizen strike another with his consent. I know it was consentual, but it’s still pretty irresponsible of the cheif of police to do that. If i want to bump my friend with a police car , should I just ask the officer to let me borrow his car? I know what you all want right now… the video, unfortunately it has since been removed from the site. So remember kids be responsible with all sorts of weapons, whether they be guns, knives, Numchucks or even the power of social media.


Anne Frank Museum to Open via Youtube

October 2, 2009 1 comment
Anne Frank

Anne Frank

According to the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands, a new online version of the Museum will soon be available via a youtube channel. This new youtube channel will show rarely seen video of Anne Frank before and after the war. Although alot of this media is available in the Netherlands, over here in America it may be difficult to get across the pond.  The technology being implimented in this youtube channel may surpass the physicial museum’s capabilities. For example, this will include a 3-D video version of the house  where Frank and her family hid.

Hans Westra The director of the Anne Frank House Museum

I think this concept is somewhat of a double edged sword. I think it is a great idea beacuse it brings a ton of new information concerning the Holocaust and Frank’s story, to a group of people who may not be able to get to he museum. One the other hand, I feel like everyone knows just how anti-semetic people can really be, especially anonymously over the itnernet. I think if the comments can be monitored however, this will be a highlighy informative and postive idea.

Interesting things I found out about youtube, while watching a youtube video

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment
The Tangled Web of social media

The Tangled Web of social media

So I know when people think about social media websites, they usually think of: facebook, myspace, twitter etc. There’s one website though that I feel is more popular and even more important in terms of social media… Youtube. I had this realization, while on youtube, watching a youtube video, ironically about youtube. Here are some facts that I found really interesting: Obviously millions of videos are watched daily. These videos cover every imaginable topic. Although youtube doesn’t have status updates about Kanye West’s antics at the VMA’s, it is the first place people turned to when they wanted to see it. It is the most powerful social media site because it gives life to the status updates of twitter.

Every minute, ten hours of content is uploaded to facebook. That is absolutely astounding! It’s a never ending supply of video and information. Whether you want to see a newscast, or you want to watch Old Greg, Youtube is connecting the world as never before.