UConn Crowdsourcing project

I was one of the students in the class responsible for the chapter summaries about Crowdsourcing. I had to read the chapters and summarize them via twitter.


My Tweets thusfar:

UCCrowdsourcing_Intro: Technologies such as the net give people the ability to pool their thoughts and unite their ideas into a common one

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch1 the amateur renaissance has taken place because of the internet. The Pro-am amateur works at professional standards.

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch2 Unix allowed programmers to work together, similar to Wikipedia which is created in a decentralized fashion.

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch3 User generated content is a successful business strategy Consumers have the tools of production that professionals do.

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch4 Groups on the internet form along lines of affinity. They are adapted to the task of information production.

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch5 Crowdsourcing works because every individual possesses some knowledge that some other individual will find valuable.

UCCrowdsourcing_Ch6Crowdsourcing usually just requires small individual contributions of both time Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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d energy.

#UCCrowdsourcing_Ch7 Crowdsourcing differs from user generated content and holds the potential to spawn an economy.

#UCCrowdsourcing_Ch8 The idea from the crowd is too large for anyone to filter except the crowd. This filter is a huge part of crowdsourcing

#UCCrowdsourcing_Ch9 Crowdfunding connects people with money to people who need it. It has a lot of similarities to crowdsourcing.

#UCCrowdsourcing_Ch10 Tomorrows crowd has been raised with things like the internet, unlike everyone else who is a digital immigrant to it.

#UCCrowdsourcing_Ch11 An important principle surrounding crowdsourcing is that the group will always know more than the individual.

and energy.

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